Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Up Close and Personal: Kate Spain's Central Park

I hunted down the close-ups of Central Park by Kate Spain. They were on the Moda site. Go figure. Here are a few of them. To see the rest, go HERE.

You know what I love about these? They are considered "children's novelty" but they are classy and edgy with a touch of modern. I could see me using these as well as using them in a nursery. I love that! Way to go Kate!!!


kate spain said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for sharing a little peek of Central Park with your readers. You sure are perceptive! That's exactly what i was trying to do by offering a novelty children's print in the middle of some more sophisticated and modern prints. The line could either be "upscale kids" or "made for Mom"! Either way, i'm so glad you found it, and like it. Happy sewing! hugs, kate

Anna said...

Wow! Now I feel like a superstar. Kate Spain at my blog!