Friday, October 29, 2010


Sometimes I see a fabric and I think.... hmmmmm. Not so sure what I think of that...

So I move to the next fabric in the collection...

Yeah... it's alright. I see lots of similar prints, though.

So, I keep going down the line...

Ooooo..... I think. Lot's of dots. I've got plenty of those. So I move along...

Now this is really beautiful. I like this quite a lot.

And then, you add them all together....

Images via Fabricshoppe

How did I ever live without you????

It amazes me how these fabrics are OK by themselves, but with the right combination, they are MAGIC!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's Batty Now?

Who's batty now? I'll tell you who. It's the person who decides to whip a few of these out 3 days before Halloween. But aren't they cute? I think I'll stash this idea for next year.

So HERE it is, a free pattern from Heather Bailey. Thanks Heather. They are adorable!!!

Boo to You! Favorite Halloween Fabric...

I just love this fabric. I'd love to make a fun table runner with this stuff! This is from Riley Blake Designs and it's called Boo to You. Cute, eh?

Love those big green dots!!! Wouldn't this make a cute Halloween Tote? Here's a free pattern I found over at Keep It Thimble. Super fun!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Up and Coming: Night and Day III

Here it is! Night and Day III from Robert Kaufman. Finally, a sequel I WANT to see.

I love these bold prints... especially the mums. What do you think?

Just love these!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Up and Coming: Paper Dolls from Studio E

I saw this and thought it was definitely worth sharing. This is the Paper Dolls Line from Studio E Fabrics. I like the groovy, fun patterns with the sweet theme of paper dolls. It's beautiful work!

Lovely!!! And it's supposed to be out by now so keep you eyes peeled!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Up and Coming: Little Menagerie from Windham

Here's a new one coming out from Windham. Not really my style, but maybe some of you have been hoping for just this thing. It could be perfect for that baby blanket you've been planning.

It's called Little Menagerie designed by Melanie Hurlston, who is so very talented. So... here it is.

Here is what Melanie says on the Windham website:

As Melly puts it, "This collection was inspired by childhood memories, my love of bright and contrasting color, and my desire to create things that evoke a simple, carefree and fun mood in a too busy world. I have combined images of some of my favorite softie designs along with clean and bright co-ordinates that make me think of simpler days and the joy of childhood. This collection would be perfect for use in any sewing medium for the young and young at heart; from my softies, bags, quilts and clothing. Or think about a complete re-decoration a child's bedroom."

And it's true. My mom had an old toy cabinet in our playroom and this totally reminds me of the whimsical pattern on the front of it.

Congrats to Melly for her first collection!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gotta Try This! Fabric Checkerboard Set

My son loves to play Checkers and Chess. I thought it might be fun to make ham a fabric set with some attached carrier pouch.

I found this one at I Heart Linen. I think I could modify it to add some pouches and tie strings. Have you come across any other good patterns for this?

via I Heart Linen

Obviously I'd have to go for a manlier color scheme, but it could be fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Patterns: Scrappy Make-up Bag from Noodlehead

Anna over at Noodlehead graciously posted this cute tutorial. Go on over and check out the details. These would make great Christmas gifts. Yep. It's THAT time.

See? Isn't it cute?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Finally Here! It's a Hoot!

I think this has to be one of my favorite lines this year. It's a Hoot from Moda designed by Momo. I can't wait to find this stuff. Here's a refresher...

Isn't this stuff wonderful??? I could do a room in this. Maybe I will....

Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Pattern: Winter Wonderland From Riley Blake Designs

Are you getting that gotta-get-ready-for-Christmas feeling, yet? Well, I saw this adorable wall hanging pattern from Riley Blake's Cutting Corner's Collage and had to share. It's called Winter Wonderland and you can get the tutorial right HERE. Enjoy!!!

via Riley Blake

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crafty Creations... Pumpkin Jars

OK... so this isn't done with fabric, but I bet it could be, so I had to share.

I have made these and they are so adorable. I have passed this link on to many admiring friends so I figures I'd better include you as well.

I'm sure that many people have made these, but I like THIS tutorial best. It's the Not So Idle Hands blog and talk about inspiration. I love this place!!!

So, on to the project...

Are these not adorable? And all it takes is:

Old Jars
Crepe Paper
Mod Podge
Black Paper

Although, I'm sure you could incorporate fabric. Wouldn't they be cute with some green fabric tied at the tops to be the stems??

Anyhow, I made some, but I used 5 vases from our local thrift store. Some are skinny, some are tall, some are round and fat. I love the variety.

So go ahead. Head on over. There are face templates and everything!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Dreaming: Buffet Inspiration

As you all know, I love fabric. And here's another reason:

I could totally do this! Remember THIS secretary makeover?

I used some foam board to wrap fabric around, but you could just as easily decoupage it for a more permanent look. So now all I need is an old cabinet to beautify with fabric and paint!

How about this beauty fro Hawthorn Furniture? It doesn't show a price so I'm guessing it's $$$.

Or, IKEA has this option. $375... still too much for me.

How about this one from my local classifieds. $65. I think I could make this FABULOUS!!!

Oh, the dreaming!!!