Monday, November 21, 2011

Spotlight! Becky's Ruffle Cuff Stockings

I LOVE to see what people are sewing with my patterns.  It thrills me to think that someone else can enjoy these patterns that I love so much!

Becky was kind enough to pass along some pictures of her Ruffle Cuff Stockings.  She whipped some up to sell in her Etsy shop.  I love her pattern combos.  Check these out:

Great job Becky!!  So, head on over to her shop if you are interested in these cute things.

Or, if you'd rather whip up your own designs, you can get this pattern HERE

Have a great Monday!!!

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Linda said...

Those stockings are pretty darn cute!
To thank you for a lovely blog I have passed the versatile blogger award to you.

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