Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here's to Hoping My Mom Doesn't Read My Blog...

When I showed my mom my On-the-Go Mini Purse, she loved at.  This was back in April or something.  Right then, I knew that I would be making her one for Christmas. 

 So, I got right on it and it's been ready since May.

OK.  Not really.  I just barely finished it.  I think it was worth the wait!  I went with more neutral colors because this will go with my mom's wardrobe better.  I think she will love it!!

How are your Christmas projects coming along?  Or were you done back in May? 


Victoria said...

What a super nice gift. I'm thinking I just might make some gifts for next year, there is plenty of time left. Not really into buying gifts since everyone is grown, so a little homemade goodness seems right.

Happy in red said...

It's a great purse! We celebrate Sinterklaas in The Netherlands (Dec 5th), so I was sewing up a storm in November! Now I am sewing up a storm for my foreign friends that do celebrate Xmas. Whaaa!!

Lady Arat said...

Great purse! I'm glad I'm not the only one sewing last minute. I'm making shoulder bags for my sisters-in-law and have one left to finish. They're from a pattern I found in an old magazine Gma handed me. I'll post pics on my blog after Christmas - I know some of them read my blog. :)