Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Wanna Try This...

Yesterday was one of those days.  Really, it's almost laughable.  I have been watching my sister's 3 kids for a few days along with my 4, which is hilarious right there. 

Then yesterday morning, my 4-year old starts running around the house holding her neck, screaming at the top of her lungs.  She wouldn't let me come near her, but she wanted help.  Oh... and did I metion, ny husband is away on business?

Anyhow, we ended up in the E.R. with... a charlie horse of the neck that wouldn't go away!  So, after who knows how much money, 2 different doctor visits, 3 x-rays.... we walked away with a neck cramp.  I am so grateful that's all it was, but I am WORN OUT!! 

Oh, and did I mention, I was cleaning the house and trying to do laundry and pack for a vacation while this is all  happening? 

Thank heaven for mothers!  I have an amazing mom, who saved the day.  I am sure I will never outgrow my mom.

So... with that, I really want to try something like this:

This is from the blog Twin Fibers.  Isn't this top AMAZING!  Seriously, you will love what they do!!


Cecily said...

That is one beautiful quilt top and a heck of a story! Hope your husband gets back soon! :)

Anna said...

Cecily, he gets back TODAY! Yahoo for backup!!