Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Up and Coming: Lou-lou-thi by Anna Mria Horner

 I am feeling bright and sunny, so I found some bright sunny fabric to share.  (It was sunny yesterday for the first time in sooooo long and I soaked it in!)

On to fabric.  This is called LOU-lou-thi (not a clue what that one means) and it's designed by Anna Maria Horner, so it's bound to be amazing.  It has a bold, bohemia feel.  I look at these fabrics and they don't go together.... BUT THEY DO!  Amazing!
 Take it back.  I found out what LOU-lou-thi means.  Here it is, straight form Anna Maria herself:

Loulouthi is a treasure box of all that I love about flowers and fabric coming together in form and inspiration. The word loulouthi simply translates from the Greek as “flower”. But in an ongoing story, my cultural heritage has enlivened these fabrics with visions of needleworks in progress, the gentle tending of village gardens, and the luxury of living alongside everyday works of art. The language of flowers and floral handiwork has spoken to me since before I could thread my own needles, and this collection is my reply to all that beauty.

If you want to see more of these beauties, check them out on Anna Maria's blog, right HERE.  Enjoy!

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anna_rls said...

loulouthi means flower in greek :)