Monday, August 22, 2011

Craft Room Love

 I'd love to have a space to create. I'd take any one of the following:

 Yes please.
 I could work with this.
 Ummmm.  Wow.
 Sign me up.
via Pinterest
OK.  You convinced me.

But alas, I still create on my kitchen table.  BUT, that has some serious benefits.  These are:

1.  No craft room to clean.
2.  I can sew and still feel like I'm a part of my family.
3.  My kids get to watch, learn and even play along!
4.  It's always on the front of my mind, since I can see it all when I walk in the front door.
5.  It's a daily reminder of my goal to get organized. 


Happy in red said...

I'll take the 2nd if you don't mind and then I'd just stay there. Great, now I'm dreaming about quitting my day job ;-) Pff, Mondays!

Andrea said...

Ah to dream the perfect dreamy craftroom. I'll take any of them! My husband promised my a space in the basement someday. Until that day my children eat breakfast next to my threadbox and do homework at the kitchen table surrounded by fabric! lol

Missy said...

I would love a big room to divide into two parts, one for my husband's office the other for my office, with one of those big islands with space under neath as the seperator. the top of the island would be for cutting material. That way I would be in the same room as my husband!