Friday, August 12, 2011

Gather In Close For My New Favorite...

Seriously, have I been under a rock??

Yesterday, my husband picked up a Gathering Foot (#16) for me at a Bernina Shop nearby.  It is the best thing ever!!  I can't believe all the time it will save me.
I went to buy one about a year ago, but the sweet gal at the shop told me it wouldn't do what I wanted.  Apparently, she was mistaken and now I have gone through an entire unnecessary year of gathering by hand!  I am trying to forgive this sweet lady, but it may take some time. 

So for those of you wondering about a Gathering Foot, here is what is can do:

1.  Gather or Shirr a single layer of fabric
2.  If you want to sew a gathered layer to a non-gathered layer (think tiered skirt) you can do this in one step as well!  Just place the fabric, right sides together.  Place the non-gather fabric in the little metal slot and the gathering fabric on top.  It will gather the top and keep the other one straight!

Oh, the time I will save in the future!! 

This would have been perfect for my Ruffled Bag...

Or Ruffled Baby Quilt...
I will move on a look to the future!!  I will forgive the Bernina gal!  I will gather with reckless abandon! 

I admit it, I'm on one today.  So I'm finishing this post now.

But if any of you have been wondering, it does work!  And it's easy!

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