Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking for An Easy Quilt Pattern??

I am so, so thrilled to introduce you to Jude from Little Louise Designs.  I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for this gal.  Here’s why:

All Those Patterns is brand new at this stage of the game.  I know it will grow and be wonderful, but at this point, I have a lovely website and that’s about it.  I sent out emails to several of my favorite designers and Jude emailed back, got her account set up, got her patterns all ready to go…. within a few days.  Now that what I call a “Go Getter!”  I admire that so very much and I can’t say what it means to me personally!  Thank you Jude!

And if that’s not enough, Jude is also an incredibly talented quilting pattern designer.  She is the resident expert on the easy quilt pattern, as well as the precut quilt pattern. Now, on to the actual patterns, which is what you probably all wanted to see anyhow, rather than listening to me gush about a fabulous lady who took a chance on my site…  Here are a few that I happen to adore.

 Beautiful!!  And many of her patterns come from precuts, which makes for a simple quilt with great results.  She has lots more you can find HERE.  Enjoy!

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kalvin said...

Easy 3-fabric quilt pattern. I awoke last night to the sound of thunder, a rare phenomena in these parts of the country in the hot, hot summertime!
easy quilt pattern