Monday, January 23, 2012

Pattern Pick: Ruffles and Rosettes Handbag

Two of my favorite things in one pattern!!  Say hello to the Ruffles and Rosettes Handbag.  With Spring right around the corner (at least in my dreams...) I thought this would be a fun pattern to highlight today.  Something so springy about these fun handbags with funky, fun prints!

I have made several of these cute bags and I have to say that it's a fun, easy pattern and the very best part is when it all comes together.  There's a lot of room for creativity, too.  If you don't want a rosette, you can add a flower... or nothing at all.  I even had a customer make this entire bag out of wool and it was super adorable!

So, feel free to head on over and check out the Ruffles and Rosettes Handbag or another one of our fun bags!  Hope you all have a great week!!


Rothco Military said...

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Michele said...

Love this purse. I made one and gave it away. Your fabric is amazing on it!