Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yellow Accents...

I have a story for you all.  About 2 months ago, my husbands family decided to have a mini family vacation over Presidents' Day.

Not long after, I got an email from my amazing sister-in-law, Dana, who also happens to be a fantastic photographer.   Dana decided we really should do a family picture while we were all together.  She had hunted down 7 different "color palettes" to choose from.  After lots of emails and discussion (we take our pictures seriously!), we finally decided on greens/blues/browns with mustard yellow accents.
Yellow accents!?  I didn't have any of those, so I went shopping.  After finding out that it was $20 for a cute yellow hat, I decided to get my creative genius out of cold storage!
I found this really nasty mustard yellow tank top on clearance (I wonder why) for $1.50.  Then I went to work.  Here's what we ended up with:


Some Simple Hair Clips
A Triple Braided Headband

And Simple Headband

I was pretty happy with the results.  And the final picture turned out really nice:

And there you go... mustard yellow accessories for $1.50!  Gotta love it!

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