Saturday, March 10, 2012

Up and Coming: Moda Does it Again!

I was just thumbing... or clicking... around today and I found myself at the Moda website where I inevitably end up checking out their new fabrics.  Here are four that I really fell for that will be coming out in the next several months:
Salt Air:  Check out the fun, bright colors but they still have that soothing feel to them.  Love these!

Oh Deer:  Who doesn't love little woodland critters?  I just love the simple, amazing pattern that these fabrics have.  Love MoMo's designs!

Ladies Stitching Club: Oliver and S does it again!  I can't wait to find these beauties in person!  These would be so beautiful with some easy sewing projects!

And finally, in case you were ready for Christmas again...
Blitzen:  Brought to you by the amazing Basic Grey, these fabrics are sure to be pleasers.  Beautiful!  I could sew lots of stockings with these.

So there you go.  A few lines to look forward to and get you in the mood for sewing!

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