Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 Aqua and Coral Collection: Custom Made Stockings for Christmas.

The kids are back in school.  The days are cooling down.  And the garden is inundating us with tomatoes, pears, squash, corn, potatoes, and my favorite.... peaches! 

So, I figured that means it is time to start the 2014 Stocking Parade.  My children and I have been hard at work to bring you the best custom made stockings!  Our handmade stockings are made using the very best materials.  They are super thick and plush, so they hang beautifully.  These are made to last through many memorable Christmas seasons, and those amazing Christmas mornings as well.

So, here is the first collection of personal Christmas stockings etsy - style!

If you are looking for a unique, cozy Christmas sock, then these are perfect for you.  I could decorate an entire holiday around this coral/aqua color scheme.  I love the soothing, home feel to it.  Feel free to check out the Etsy shop and browse around.  Enjoy!!

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