Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Sew Wednesday: Just Another Hang Up

Now, I have to tell you... I do NOT know Suzanne over at the Just Another Hung Up blog, but I am sure we are kindred spirits. You know how you stalk... I mean... occasionally visit someone's blog and you can just tell that you'd get along with them. Yep. That's me and Suzanne.

Her blog is, as I mentioned, Just Another Hang Up. I visit all the time to see her inspiring ideas and check out her new creations. I love what she does! Check out a few of these photos from her site:

There's a tutorial to make this lovely pillow:

And what about this bag? I'm in love!

So many great ideas!

So stop in and get inspired. Meet a fellow crafter and send some love. You will always leave with a new idea or a desire to jump in and try something new.


Victoria said...

Love the bag and the pillow, will have to stop by and say hi, thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Victoria (above) filled me in on this wonderful feature. Thank you so much -- for the feature and, especially, the kind words. You're right -- I'm sure we are kindred spirits. How could you not be with a blog named "Yards and Yards?" I really do appreciate your comments and I've loved looking at your blog. Thanks so much!