Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inspire Me Thursday: Pillows and Sewing Rooms

In my daily wanderings on the internet, I often find another creative soul willing to share their talents. Here are a few favorites I spotted this week:

Caroline over at Atlier Caroline has a tutorial for the cutest Honeycomb Tucks. So beautiful! Just imagine the pillows you could make with these!

Or how about this sewing room makeover over at Sew Chic and Unique?! Let's hear a "Yippy!" for having a sewing room in the first place, let alone a beautiful one. I have a sewing corner, but it does have one cool feature I'll share in the next paragraph.

Ana over at Knock Off Wood offers FREE woodworking plans that she designs. They are awesome! I have a garage full of power tools so I actually took on this project and I LOVE it! Only mine is covered with sewing goodies ALL THE TIME! Maybe one day I'll take some pictures to post for you. Or maybe you can just imagine that mine looks like this one.

And finally, I love this Cathedral Windows tutorial over at A La Mode Fabric. There is a part one and part two and you can find them both in the left sidebar. That Heather is one amazing crafter!
I'm still collecting the perfect fabrics for mine. Wherefore art thou Arcadia fabric???

So there you go. Happy inspirations!

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