Friday, October 1, 2010

Mo Bedell's Magic Garden Preview

In my regular blog rounds, I found this preview over on Mo's blog.

It's called Magic Garden! And this is what Mo has to say about it:

"Here it is!! It seems like it takes forever to get a collection just how you want it and then there it is! And then I have to wait for yardage! This fabric designing is a good exercise in patience for me. I am so happy with how this one turned out. It is a little smaller collection and I am already so excited to sew with it. Color wise I went in a direction I didn't expect and am happy with how it landed. I love my yard, I love to go outside and see what is growing at any given time of the year. I love to see how it changes one day to the next and one season to the next. It seems like magic to me, all the goings on- that buzz you feel when you are outside. I was stumped on the name so I got my favorite 8 year old intern and daughter to help me out. She came up with "Magic Garden" and it felt good to both of us. She is thrilled and proud that she gets to participate in this with me and I am thrilled and proud too that she enjoys doing this with me."

I'm excited to hunt these down. Here are the images from my favorite Colorway, Indian Summer.

I love this! Way to go Mo Bedell! And best of luck with this one!

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