Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crafty Creations... Pumpkin Jars

OK... so this isn't done with fabric, but I bet it could be, so I had to share.

I have made these and they are so adorable. I have passed this link on to many admiring friends so I figures I'd better include you as well.

I'm sure that many people have made these, but I like THIS tutorial best. It's the Not So Idle Hands blog and talk about inspiration. I love this place!!!

So, on to the project...

Are these not adorable? And all it takes is:

Old Jars
Crepe Paper
Mod Podge
Black Paper

Although, I'm sure you could incorporate fabric. Wouldn't they be cute with some green fabric tied at the tops to be the stems??

Anyhow, I made some, but I used 5 vases from our local thrift store. Some are skinny, some are tall, some are round and fat. I love the variety.

So go ahead. Head on over. There are face templates and everything!!!


Doro said...

These are very cute.

Anna said...

They are very, very fun!