Monday, October 25, 2010

Up and Coming: Little Menagerie from Windham

Here's a new one coming out from Windham. Not really my style, but maybe some of you have been hoping for just this thing. It could be perfect for that baby blanket you've been planning.

It's called Little Menagerie designed by Melanie Hurlston, who is so very talented. So... here it is.

Here is what Melanie says on the Windham website:

As Melly puts it, "This collection was inspired by childhood memories, my love of bright and contrasting color, and my desire to create things that evoke a simple, carefree and fun mood in a too busy world. I have combined images of some of my favorite softie designs along with clean and bright co-ordinates that make me think of simpler days and the joy of childhood. This collection would be perfect for use in any sewing medium for the young and young at heart; from my softies, bags, quilts and clothing. Or think about a complete re-decoration a child's bedroom."

And it's true. My mom had an old toy cabinet in our playroom and this totally reminds me of the whimsical pattern on the front of it.

Congrats to Melly for her first collection!!!

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Leighuk said...

i love the elephant one especially