Friday, November 5, 2010

Aprons Revisited!!

Do you remember these sweet adjustable aprons? Well, not everyone has the time to make them so... I put one for sale at Etsy! You can check it out HERE.

It's a fun little experiment of mine. I have a few more and if it goes OK, I'll add those as well.

Here are a few more of them. I am still in love with Heather Bailey's Freshcut... even after the aprons, curtains, quilts, skirts, hair bows, lamps, mirrors, and storage boxes. It is amazing fabric!!

Aren't they cute? They would be a really nice Christmas gift for a little girl. I know my little one's love to get theirs on and "help" me cook.


Prior said...

You've got talent for picking great fabrics! Good luck on your new endeavor! Lezlee

Anna said...

Thanks Lezlee! I appreciate your kind words.