Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quilt Market Recap

There was yet another fabulous Quilt Market over Halloween. I've been looking around at the various designers' sites and finding my favorites for you. They go to a TON of work on these booths, but they are lovely! Take a look:

First off, Art Gallery/ Pat Bravo. I am in love with so much of her stuff. It's just classy, and cheery, and amazingly, stunningly, beautiful. (Gotta pack this with adverbs!)

Now, Tula Pink's lovely Parisville was a hit at Market. And you will see why when you see her booth! I am amazed to think of the work and detail that go into one lovely, little pillow!

via Tula Pink

Jenean Morrison has this amazing bike that I had to share. Is it fun or what?

via Jeanean Morrison

The Riley Blake booth looks as sweet as can be. They are really taking the fabrics industry by storm. I'm a huge fan, in case that wasn't obvious already...

via Quilted Fish

And finally, Lila Tueller's booth looks great. It helps that her designs are rockin'! I want those pillows!!!

via Lila Tueller

So, there you have it... a very brief tour of Quilt Market. And you know what's sad? I'm already looking forward to the next one!!! Tales of a fabric addict, I guess.


janimal said...

So many of the photos I have seen so far have been filled with flowers and "shabby chic" floral kind of fabrics and decor. Do you see that too? Flowers flowers everywhere! I like flowers, I'm just surprised that seems to be the overwhelming "theme" I am seeing. All the photographs of the exhibitors seem like they are wearing lots of florals too.

Although I did see some pics of retro fabrics coming out from Kokka. "Ruby Star Rising" on the Whipstitch Fabrics blog and those aren't florals -- totally awesome.

Anna said...

Off to see Ruby Star Rising. You are right! Those flowers are all over the place.