Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Wallpaper With Fabric

After THIS post, I went and did a bit of research and came up with some very cool information. You CAN wallpaper with fabric!! I have the perfect wall to try this one.

I found THIS post over at Little Green Notebook. I thought the cupboards were a great place to use this fabric! It's so beautiful!

So I kept hunting and found some good instructions right HERE at Here are the basics:

1. Wash the walls well to remove dirt.
2. Measure the walls and buy the fabric you want. Give yourself a little extra to line up patterns.
3. Measure your fabric and cut, making sure to match up patterns.
4. Tape off your ceilings and floors so you don't get starch on them too.
5. Spray starch stiffener on the top half of the wall.
6. Use a sponge or paint roller to smooth it into place.
7. You can use push pins to keep the fabric in place while the starch dries. Leave an extra inch or so of fabric to be trimmed off later.
8. Spray more starch and work your way down the wall, leaving a bit of extra on the bottom as well.
9. Spray starch on the top of the fabric as well and allow it to dry.
10. Trim off the extra after it's all dry.

See! We can do this! And best of all, it's easy to remove! I love this idea.

Of course, Amy Butler makes wallpapers as well! How about these? Here are a few I am loving!

What do you think? Stick with regular wallpaper or go out on a fabric-limb?


Kimberlee said...

I love the idea of using fabric as wallpaper!!!
I would go with 'Ocean'. I love the aqua/blue in that fabric, and it is such a large print. I have a bookcase I want to use fabric on the back piece, but haven't been able to decide what color I want to go with yet.

Anna said...

I did a secretary and I just wrapped fabric around foam board, cut to the right size. Worked amazingly well and it's easy to change!

SarahZ said...

Fabric limb, for sure! Can't believe it works with just starch! Seems too good to be true, really! Thanks for another great idea!

SarahZ said...

OMGosh! Just mentioned this to the Hubby, and he wants to go buy fabric for our bedroom! See what you've started!

Anna said...

If you do it, Sarah, I'd love to see the results. I'm still curious to see how to trim and match the edges up right. It could be so beautiful!

SarahZ said...

If we actually get this done, I would love to send you pictures of the results! We are thinking above or below a wainscoting? Maybe just one wall for accent? We shall see what happens... :) I think it will be fun and interesting to see what fabric catches HIS eye!

Anna said...

Ha! That is exactly what I was thinking of doing at my place. One accent wall above the wainscotting. Perfecto!