Thursday, February 10, 2011

Up and Coming! Dena Designs presents...Kumari Garden

Check out this new line by Dena Designs for FreeSpirit. It's called Kumari Garden and it's due out any day if it hasn't already started hitting the shelves.

Wouldn't these be lovely in a Nursery? And no, I'm not expecting, but after 4 kids, I seem to see the world through Nursery-colored glasses! My baby is almost 2 so I guess I am in denial or something.

I must re-adjust my fabric expectations here. Let's think.... summer dresses!! Please oh please oh please!!! Let summer get here soon! These fabrics do make me feel warmer, so there must be something there.

Love this gray, large print! I have a thing for gray these days and I don't know if it's me talking or if I love it becasue all the ads and home designers out there say I should. In any case, I LOVE this print!!

This is my favorite of all. I want to wallpaper my entry with this blue trellis design. Is that do-able? I've seen it done. I'll have to look around.
Anyhow, to see the rest of this amazing line, go HERE. And thanks Dena Designs!! Loving Kumari Garden!

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