Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew Creative: Spotlight on Twin Fibers

Jennifer and Jessica of Twin Fibers are so amazingly creative! I love to pop into see what new treat they have cooked up and I am often super inspired. You know the saying, "Were you born in a barn?" Well, when I see these girls in action I want to ask, "Were you born in a quilt shop?" So much talent AND time.

In a day and age when it's all about NOW and CHEAP, it is so refreshing to find others who appreciate quality and craftsmanship. You CAN'T buy things likeJennifer and Jessica make (without destroying your retirement fund.) It's just good old creativity and work, work, work!

Out of all the Valentine's Day banners and garlands I have seen, this one takes the cake. It's felt!! There are bits of fabric and embroidery along the way and I think it's just charming!

And how about this fabric? Does it look familiar from HERE and HERE?

What an amazing quilt! Who wouldn't feel at home in that sweet bed. There is something about hamemade quilts that shouts out, "You are loved!"

And yes, this star is made from SELVAGE! How great is that? A few months ago I saw bags of this for sale at a local quilt store and I thought, "They want me to PAY for that?" Now I know why!
So, today's Sew Creative award goes out to Twin Fibers. Go check them out and enjoy!
Psssst.... all of the images are from HERE. (Thier blog in case you were wondering.)

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