Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Day of Random Sewing

Today has been a day of Random Sewing.

I taught my daughter a bit about making a rag quilt. 

I taught my son about cutting squares with a rotary cutter.  Of course he enjoyed that.

I hemmed my curtains that I've had for ... around 5 years.  Eeek!

And I experimented with a quilt block I've been thinking about.

And now, I'm off to list some Christmas Stockings I made in the shop.  I'm thinking these will go pretty quick.  I only made 10 of them so if you want a coordinating family set, get on it!!
Somehow it feels like I haven't accomplished much, but I had a blast sewing with my kids, so I guess that's what counts, right?


Jaime said...

Are you kidding??? You got more done than I do in a month!! Awesome job mama, and I can't wait for our giveaway on Thursday!!

Little Lizard King said...

The stockings are BEAUTIFUL!! Once we finish making babies, I'm going to use your pattern to make family stockings!!!

Anna said...

Too funny!! "Finish making babies!" You crack me up!