Friday, July 29, 2011

What To Do With Ruined Vintage Quilts?

In my wanderings I have come across several AMAZING old quilts that were handsewn, beautiful, unique, and....FALLING APART!  It always makes me a little sad, because I wonder if one day that will me MY quilts.  I've never purchase one of these un-loved quilts but after seeing Terri's post, I wish I had.

Terri from over at Cherished Treasures has the perfect solution for those tattered quilts.  She turns them into AMAZING throw pillows.  Check these out:

Aren't they amazing.  I know next time I come across a tattered quilt, I will think a little more creatively.  Thanks, Terri, for this wonderful idea!!


trooppetrie said...

what a amazing idea. I have a old quilt I keep on the back of my couch. It has a hole in it. This is a smart idea. i could not bring myself to throw it away and now know what to do with it

Anna said...

If you ever do it, I''d love to see those pillows!!

Whosies said...

i did a trunk show on my blog featuring projects from 'cutter quilts'

i love the pillow flower though.

Saluda-St. Paul U.M.C. said...

How much do you charge for a pillow?
Please rsvp at
thank you.