Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free Pattern: Pillowcase Dress With Anna Maria Horner

Who'd have thought that a pillowcase could become a dress? Seriously, there are some amazingly visionary people out there. I don't think too much about pillowcases because I'm usually sleeping when they are in my field of vision.

One of my favorite fabric designers, Anna Maria Horner, has a fabulous tutorial for making a pillowcase dress. Here is the LINK.

I was really excited to try a few of these out when it occurred to me that all of my pillowcases are not cute... at least not wearable cute. I think if I used one of my available-to-cut-up pillowcases, then the wearer would look more like Dobby than anything else.

But good news! Sweing a pillowcase is one of the easiest things in the whole wide world and then you can pick any fabric you like. This is my solution. Soooo.... here are a few samples of pillowcase dresses:

Freshly Pickled

Baby Gaga

Two Peas In a Pod

Such cute work, ladies! I'm off to try this out.


Mimi said...

I don't see the pattern posted?
Where did you get it?

Cyndi - YaYa said...

So cute!! I'm going to attempt my first pillowcase dress this week!!

thanks for the link to the pattern!

pb33141 said...

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