Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sew in the Know: Moda's Winter Releases

I love how easy Moda makes it to follow their new releases. They just added this winter to their site. Here are a few peeks.

Girlie Girl, Dec 2010
Love these sweet pastels and girly themes.

Giddy by Sandy Gervais, Nov 2010
These rich browns and pinks with a hint of blue make me think, "Valentine's Day!!"

Basics by Basic Grey, Nov 2010
Filled with those not-so-typical neutrals that we are always looking for.

A Morris Tapestry, Nov 2010
Rich, intricate damasks with tons of fancy-factor.

Hideaway. Dec 2010
You can't go wrong with these vintage-y reds, yellows, greens and blues.

Java, Nov 2010
Not my personal thing, but I do like the colors in this coffee themed line.

Sugar Pop, Dec 2010
My personal favorite!!! I can't get enough of these fabrics.

Regent Street Lawn, Dec 2010
Flowers anyone? You want flowers, you got flowers here.

La Petite Ecole, Dec 2010
This shouts, "America!" so I couldn't figure out why it's French. And then the light clicked on... it's designed by The French General. Ah ha! As far as I can figure this means, "The Little School."

So there you have it. Do you have a favorite? One you are dying to see in person? I'd love to know.


Clark and Stefanie said...

A Morris Tapestry is so pretty, but I have to say my fave is the same as yours. So fun!

Anna said...

I hear ya!!

Tracy said...

SUGAR POP!!! It is the only one that I said, "ooooh" in my head when I saw it!

amieggs said...

I love the pastel color fabrics!!!