Saturday, July 10, 2010

You Did It: Tracy's Notebooks!

Tracy has really done it again. First, with her apron and now with these notebooks. I can tell she's a woman after my own heart by her choice in fabrics. I would totally go for these.

Here what she said in her email:

Once again you inspired my "naptime sewing time"!

I made these two out of two fat quarters! I'm all about the fat quarters, huh?! You are able to have the body of the notebook and then have about 6" left. So, I used the ruffle from one pattern on the main body of the other and vice versa. I cut my ruffle pieces at 2" and since my material was fraying on one of them I sewed two pieces wrong-sides together then turned them and pressed them. There wasn't enough width to hem them, so I did it this way.

On my second one I used my handy dandy 1" Clover bias tape maker! I made two ruffles and I really like how it turned out (and liked that it was easier)! Since you can get 3 strips (and then your fat quarter would be completely used up) I may try it with three as well!
I hemmed the top and bottom after I cut the corners and before I flipped it. I hope this helps them be a little more durable and long-lasting!

These will make great teacher gifts and they are way cheap to make! Right now the notebooks are just $.25 at Wal Mart! Maybe now that I have a cute notebook I will be inspired to take notes at faculty meetings and trainings! .... maybe not?! :)

Don't you love that fabric? And I love how she squeezes these little projects in at naptime. I suppose that's how lots of us have to do it, right?

Here is an inside shot. I like how Tracy hemmed the top and bottom for durability. Good idea!

Thanks for sharing these, Tracy! I can't wait to see the other 20 you make for your teacher friends. :)

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