Monday, April 18, 2011

Bias Tape... Simplified!

I stumbled across THIS tutorial over at Riley Blake and I had to share. A lot of new quilters hear, "Bias tape..." and they tune right out. Well, I am here to say that bias tape is rather easy and I have never seen it made easier than with this Riley Blake tutorial. This is my favorite part.

Deonn Stott shows how to sew, fold and cut your fabric for a quick bias tape method. I love this! For more detailed instructions, go HERE.

via Riley Blake

Another tool for bias tape that I LOVE is a bias tape maker.

I got this one at Joann Fabrics and they really don't cost too much! You can get them in varying sizes. I use my 1" bias tape maker to make bias for my Adjustable Aprons and for quilts. The possibilities are endless! Happy bias making!

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