Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Easy Easter Skirt

As you may have seen, I have some fun new fabrics in the shop. The latest is called Coquette, by Pat Bravo with Art Gallery Fabrics. It's so beautiful in person and I can't wait to get to work on it!
In the mean time, I'm having so much fun with Aviary 2, by Joel Dewberry. Here it is:

Todays project was an Easter skirt and headband for my sweet little 8 year old. Here she is modeling the headband. I even ruffled it! This headband is really nice because you hardly notice that it's on. It's really comfortable!
And here is the skirt and our cat. This skirt was SOOO easy. It took maybe 30 minutes start to finish. The headband took longer! Don't her white socks go great with this? She's a doll!

I'm planning another one for my 4 year old using this Coquette fabric as the main part of the skirt. I will post this ridiculously easy tutorial along with pics of the skirt sometime soon.

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