Monday, September 19, 2011


Now there is a milestone and I almost missed it!  400 Followers!

Let's do a giveaway to celebrate.  Tell me your top "4" patterns from my Etsy shop in a comment below and I'll pick a winner or two...or four... on Friday. 

Ready. Set. Go!!!


denise gisele said...

Oh how fun!!!
My favorite 4 are the following:
Scripture Tote Messenger Bag
Scalloped Bunting
A Walk Around the Block Baby or Twin Quilt
The Heirloom Stocking Pattern

crescendogal said...

My top 4 favorites of your patterns are:
1 - Heirloom Stocking
2 - Uptown Messenger Bag
3 - On the Go Mini Purse
4 - Random Ruffles Baby Quilt

Jennifer said...

Yay! Congrats! My top 4 are --
1. Heirloom stocking
2. A walk around the block
3. Uptown Messenger bag
4. On the go mini purse

Thanks :)

jrtruba said...

Uptown Messenger
On the Go
Ruffles and Rosettes
Heirloom Stocking

Beverly said...

1} Stockings
2} Bunting/Party Flags
3} Ruffles and Rosettes
4} Can I pick the STOCKINGS AGAIN?

I so need to sew those stockings for my family of FIVE this year. :)

<3 Your Stuff. Amazing.

April Mae said...

Oh goody I love milestones!

It's hard to pick just four that I love. But, lets go with....

1) Ruffles and Rosettes Handbag
(The whole reason I found and followed you)
2)Scripture Tote Messenger Bag
3The Uptown Messenger Bag
4)Hair Flower Pattern / Fabric Circle Flowers

I hope I win. I hope I win. *Fingers Crossed*

liz said...

I love them all, but here are my top 4:

1. heirloom stocking pattern
2. scripture tote messenger bag
3. all squared up original twin quilt
4. uptown messenger bag

Arya said...

My top 4 are:

heirloom stockings
ruffles and rosettes hand bag
scalloped bunting
party flags

arya_wiese (at)

Sandy said...

Here are my Top 4:
1. Random Ruffles Baby Quilt
2. All Squared Up Original Twin Quilt
3. A Walk Around the Block Baby Quilt
4. Ruffles & Rosettes Handbag

Congratulation on 400!!

Carla said...

My top 4 patterns are:
A Walk Around the Block Quilt
All Squared Up Quilt
Random Ruffles Quilt
Uptown Messenger Bag

Congratulations on 400 followers! :)

Kristy said...

Fun! Thanks & Congrats!!! :)

My top 4 in no particular order...
1 - Heirloom Stocking
2 - Ruffles & Rosettes Handbag
3 - On the Go Mini Purse
4 - Uptown Messenger Bag

Kelly said...

Random Ruffles Quilt
Adorable Bunting
All Squared up
A walk around the block quilt

Please email if I happen to win! My new bundle of joy will be here by the end of the week!

Mrs. Prince said...

My favorite 4 are
1. Ruffles and Rosette's handbag!
2. All Squared up quilt
3. A walk around the block baby quilt
4. the heirloom stocking

so excited about this giveaway! thanks!

Samantha said...

Well done lovely, that's a great number of followers!

I can only focus on one pattern, the heirloom is occupying my day and night time! x

JOY said...

my favorite 4 are:
1.Ruffles and Rosettes Handbag
2.Heirloom Stocking
3.Scripture Tote Messenger Bag
4.Bunting or Party Flags

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

Mary said...

A Walk Around the Block
Scripture Tote Messenger Bag
Uptown Messenger Bag
All Squared Up

iammaryburke @

homeschoolmomofsix said...

My favorite 4 are:
1)Ruffles and Rosettes Handbag
2)Scripture Tote Messenger Bag
3)The Uptown Messenger Bag and
4)The Heirloom Stocking Pattern

Thanks for the chance!

L.C. said...

Congratulations! My favorite 4 are...
1. Heirloom Stocking
2. Ruffles and Rosettes handbag
3. A Walk Around the Block Quilt
4. Bunting/Party Flags

Trinity Whitley said...

Heirloom stockings
Scripture tote
Uptown messenger

The Gardners said...

LOVE the Ruffle Handbag closely followed by All Squared Up, Mini Cell Bag & Ruffles Quilt. Thanks for the chance at a give-away!

Sara said...

1. all squared up quilt
2. Random Ruffles baby quilt
3. Heirloom stockings
4. a walk around the block quilt