Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm "Falling" for Halloween Bunting

My big sister and her family came to visit us!  I always love when my sister is here.  We can seriously just talk for hours and be entertained, but this time we actually did a project. 

She saw some bunting I had up for my daughter's birthday and she loved it.  Even my husband conceded, "Hmmmm... I guess I can see the point of bunting after all."  It was a big step for him! 

So, we ran to a few stores, picked some fun Halloween fabrics and whipped up some fun bunting.  It will hang in her home most of the time, but she has a fun place to hang it outside for Halloween.  She is also having a little Halloween party at her place and this will be the perfect decoration!

So... here it is!

 We stuck with fairly patterns-neutral fabrics.  The stripe fabric has all of the colors and really pulls it all together.  The only truly Halloween ones are the ghosties and the spider web fabrics. 
 We also stuck exactly to THIS pattern.  No surprises there.  BUT, there is a cool surprise in the picture below.  There was this amazing spiderweb toile fabric that we loved but it was totally see-through.  My sister had the idea to layer it over a fun green.  It worked great and the effect is so much fun!!
Happy Fall-ifying!!!

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