Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Up and Coming: Dainty Blossoms by Carina Gardner

"This blog silence has been brought to you by Michelle's Wedding and The Diamond O Ranch."

Yep.  It's official, my good friend Michelle, is married!  I spent most of the weekend doing her bidding--arranging veils in pictures, running her last minute errands, hiding car keys from over-zealous car-decoartors, and helping her arrange their new home.  It was great!  Worst part = No pics because I was too busy taking candids with Michelle's camera!!  I'm sure she'll get me some soon.

Then we spent the holiday up at my husband's homestead in Idaho.  It's the prettiest place ever!  We rode the four-wheeler, ate fresh food from the garden, put up corn, picked huckleberries in our secret location (wild horses couldn't drag it from me!!!), rode a horse, and helped cut wood.  Busy, but fun!

And now I'm home and here is a new line I'm excited to share.  It's called Dainty Blossoms, by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake.  Isn't it lovely!!


Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

love that fabric! I'm doing my daughters room in blues and pinks!

BizzyMom said...

Love those colors together :)

Anna said...

Oooo, Jen! These would be so great in a girly room! Love the color scheme!

Kristy said...

What fun! And that new collection IS lovely!!!

VickiT said...

OOoh LOVE those fabrics. The colors are awesome looking.