Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Pattern: Moda Bake Shop Pretty-fied Sheet Set

A few years back, I made quilts for my two older girls.  It was a pattern I made up and I used Heather Bailey's Freshcut fabric.  The quilts are so adoarable.  A while back we needed to get bunk beds, so I had to sell their cute white beds.  I got more people calling to see if they could buy their quilts!  I always told them that they would cost a fortune after all I had put into them.  I think I might have a picture somewhere...

Ah ha!  I found it!

I LOVE that fabric as you can tell from looking at my past posts.  I have made coordinating mirror, cork board, hat boxes, lamp, and even skirts!  But I never thought of this...

I came across this cute idea and thought I'd share.  What a great inspiration from Mickey Zimmer for the Moda Bake Shop.  You can see more HERE. 

There are about a hundred ways you could add a little something to sheets and pillows so they coordinate with a quilt you've made and this inspiration has got my wheels turning! 

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