Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishing... on a Long Arm Quilting Machine

When I went to Salt Lake Quilt Market, there were so many booths!  It was amazing.  But one thing I made sure to check out closely was each long arm machine booth.  I've been dreaming of them ever since. 

I heard today that Oprah is done... well, I'd have known that sooner if I wasn't dreaming of long arm quilting machines.  Seriously, it's insanity.

Have you ever "driven" one of these?  That's what they call it in "quilt land."  And they should since these babies cost as much as a car.  They run about $8,000 to $30,000.  But a girl can dream, right?

Here's how it works: 
1.  put the quilt onto the rollers
2.  Push "START"
3.  Come back in 30 minutes and it's DONE!!

OK, not quite that easy, but pretty darn close.  Love these things.  Can someone help me justify this?  Please, enable away.  LOL!


harleywife57 said...

If you can afford it - GO FOR IT ! or if you have a business of making quilts - GO FOR IT ! Or you can start a long arm quilting business !!

Dana said...

Hi Anna,

I too dreamed of a long arm machine for several years just to be able to quilt my personal quilts more easily. But I could never seem to have the money to do that, so me and the dh decided to purchase one at the Paducah show a few weeks ago, and I will do quilts for customers until it is paid for, and then it will be my I got a Gammill Vision 22 after trying 8 companies. I did not get the Statler Stitcher as I really enjoy free form quilting. The Statler would be a wonderful addition, but for now, I didn't want to spend that much either. It will be delivered in the middle of June and I can hardly wait. I hope you will get one too if that's what you really want. good luck with your decision.

Dana Lynch

Gramataz said...

I got my A1 Elite 4 years ago, and I love it! My hubby thought I'd lost my mind, until I reminded him of the investment in his hunting, fishing, etc.........
I've done so many more quilts, and can't say enough good things about the A1. It makes me look good!!!

LateBloomer said...

I have a handi-quilter sit down long arm. I've rented a gammil before and while wonderful, standing for long hours bothered my back and I found I missed having my eyes up close on the stitching. I would like to have a long arm someday, but first I'd have to move to find room or build a shed, which of course adds to the cost. My MQ 16 sit down cost about $4500, fits in my sewing room, and definitely has improved the quality of my machine quilting. It takes 2-6 hours to artfully quilt a lap to twin size quilt. Its a wonderful compromise.

Tatenup said...

Hi Anna:

Get the machine. They are great. I got started at a quilt shop who bought a Gammill Classic. I was one of the operators. Then a year later they decided to sell it when they moved out of town. That was Sept 2001. I told my husband they wanted me to purchase it. He said did you tell them hell no. I said no. Then I did a business plan and showed him how much the machine was making. So we bought it. Once it was paid for, it was great. I have had many years on it. Yesterday I sold it. A lady who has been renting one and could not afford one loves mine. I will be the proud owner of a new to me Gammill Classic Plus any day now. My business has grown so much and I need a stitch regulator for all the detail work I am now doing. So my advise is if it is a cost factor, buy a good used one. I almost went with a different brand for my new purchase, but am hooked on my Gammills.
Tami in /WA

Ella said...

I say go for it!!!! I love my Gammill Optimum! I recently added the stitch regulator and love it. It would be nice to have a newer machine like the vision but I can not justify it right now. My Machine is paid for. I purchased it used and it has been a great machine! You wont regret the decision, think how much it is to have a quilt quilted and and then think that could be going towards the cost of the machine and you have more than one thing in the end.
good Luck n your decision!♥ella

skye said...

If you can do it in any way, shape or form, do it! Life is too short!! I also, am dreaming of a long arm. I know what brand, model & add-ons I want. I already have her named & am picturing myself working/playing with her. I don't know when I will be able to manifest this yet, but as my fiance says: I am keeping my eyes on the prize! Quilt on!!

Mrs. Levac said...

I would like a long arm. Besides the cost, I don't know where to start research. Any ideas?

Anna said...

Oh you guys are such enables. I love hearing your success stories. I will admit that the gammill was my favorite to drive. I just don't know if I dare start another project. But you guys are totally convincing me.

Helen Porter said...

So excited just going to pick my new Artista 18" up. Now any one have any ideas on how to start my business. Please send ideas. I really need the help.