Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outings: Shop Hop Time!

I wasn't planning on going to our local Shop Hop this year, but the draw was too strong. I just couldn't help myself.

I enjoyed the scenery and the company, and my little ones enjoyed the treats. It was so much fun.

Here are some surprises and ah-hah's that I had:

1. Meadowsweet looks nice in pictures. It looks AMAZING in real life. I was floored, and I bought some, too.

This quilt was gorgeous. I loved the simplicity of this pattern.

2. Ric rac is everywhere! I couldn't believe all the creative uses for ric rac. I especially saw lots of the huge stuff.

Sorry about these pics. I took my old camera. But notice the ric rac edging these cute felt stockings.

3. Applique! Applique! Applique! I couldn't believe how much there was. Some of these quilt shops would put Market Booths to shame. Seriously, the detail and time! It was amazing.

Loved the bold pattern and coloring on this one.

The detail on those tiny aprons and dresses was incredible. Hours and hours.

4. Accessories. There were adorable hats, bags, aprons, hair bows, and wallets.... oh my!

Sweet elephant pincushions. My photos are embarrassing me!

There's that Meadowsweet I fell in love with!

Overall, it was a success. My girls both want to go next year, although this may be for the food. I stayed in budget, which is soooo hard at these things.

What did I buy? Four Meadowsweet fat quarters, four Cosmo Cricket fat quarters (just in and cut the night before!!!), and I bought one Yard of Moda Arcadia, which is practically sold out EVERYWHERE, and happens to be my favorite all time fabric line.

It was great!


Prior said...

great stuff, glad you found your Moda Arcadia! Can't wait to see all the great projects! Lezlee

Anna said...

If they ever re-print that Arcadia, I'd be tempted to buy another 20 bolts! I just love that stuff!