Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sew Funny! Thought I'd Share

Laura over at Along for the Ride found the funniest old bit of advice from a 1949 sewing manual. Thought I'd pass it along since it's totally funny:

via Along for the ride

Did you get at least a giggle out of that? It sure got a grin on my face. Hope you have a great day!


Victoria said...

That is to funny! Beds made and no dirty dishes? Nice dress and lipstick? If I did all that I would never get any sewing done! If guest dropped in I would show them what I'm working on and they would love it so would my honey, he is so full of kind words always.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

It is really funny!! Seriously, my mom is this way. It cracks me up!

Anna said...

We are blessed to have hubby's who understand our addiction, for the most part. Plus, I never wear lipstick anyhow!

janimal said...

If you are constantly FEARFUL that your husband will come home -- you have bigger issues on your plate than enjoying sewing!

Thanks for posting - funny and gratifying that we have come a long way baby!