Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mix n' Match: Orange Teal and Green

I used to own an online scrapbooking kit website. Did I ever tell you that? I sold it a few years ago, but I learned soooo much from that journey. One thing I noticed was that the scrapbooking a fabric industries have quite a lot in common.

In scrapbooking land, papers are designed in sets. There may be 4 or 14 papers in a line all designed to go together. I found that as a kit designer, my customers loved it when I mixed and matched papers with several lines. Somehow it made them feel more unique, more eclectic. They like having papers match that were not meant to go together.

So, for today's feature, I mixed fabrics from 3 designers. Just for fun. Here are the fabrics:

1. Amy Butler August Fields
2. Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow
3. Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet
4. Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow
5. Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow

I'd like a yard of each please.

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