Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up and Coming: Spa for Windham Fabrics

I just fell in love with this soothing line of fabrics from Windham. The designer is Rosemarie Lavin and she is one talented women, let me tell you. Look at these amazing fabrics. When I see them, I imagine an enclosed porch or a porch swing. Maybe even a soothing nursery. It would be beautiful.

Where would you use these fabrics?


Van said...

I love the bold graphic look of these prints, especially the ones with bamboo leaves. I can see the last two looking nice as wallpaper.

Anna said...

Wallpaper! What a great idea!

GG With A Twist of Lime said...

When and where can I get this fabric. My daughter is expecting a boy in October and this is what she wants to use in her nursery. All we can find is that it is to be released soon. We need to get started!

Rosemarie said...

Hi Anna thanks for highlighting my Spa fabric line,so glad you like it.Just wanted to let you know a free quilt pattern is available on the Windham website. Rosemarie Lavin

Hannah from FlyChicks said...

hi there! so i have been searching everywhere online for the spa light blue floral print. i have made a few items with this print and i need to order more. do you have any idea where i can find it? thanks.