Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Up and Coming: MODA Fandango

I found another Moda I wanted to share with you. This one is called Fandango. There are around 50 fabrics in this collection including some flannels.

I just love the bold patterns of this line. Kate Spain did a fabulous job with this fabric.

Check it out:

So beautiful!! Do you love it too, or is it just me?


Kim said...

I have read all of your posts.... I am so EXCITED about yardsandyards! Can't wait to see all of the great fabrics and idea's you have to share with us! Love the ottoman. I am looking for the perfect table to do that with now. What a great place for games, family prayer etc. I am super stoked about the new fabric lines you have featured. Keep posting... you are on a roll. I'll be telling my friends about you :)

Anna said...

Kim, thanks so much for the encouragement. Those little nudges really mean a lot!!