Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up and Coming: Whimsy

Ooo la la! If I were French, that would sound much better, I'm sure.

I found a new line by Pillow & Maxfield. This line is sold through Michael Miller Fabrics, in case you are a fabric shop owner looking for an Oooo la la to add to your store.

It comes in 3 Colorways, but I'm just going to share my FAVORITE with you. You can view the rest over at the website. Check out these lovely fabrics. Does your inner-sewer-heart go THUMP like mine did? Love this.

I look at it and think...

Patio furniture.
Girls Bedroom.
Throw Pillows.
Cork Boards.

What do you see?


The Autocrat: Haley said...

ooooo I really like that! Oh how I love Micheal Miller fabrics!! I don't even want to click on that link cause I might end up buying WAY to MUCH fabric!!

beachcovejewelry said...

Oooh all my favorite colors, I love them!!! Yeah I agree with the above, I'm afraid to click on the link!